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Recently we have notice that many of the cars in Region 10 have collapsed or severely damaged bumpers. This past weekend we experienced an incident that involved a car with a damaged front bumper that resulted in a competing car upside down. This is a concern for me as Regional Safety Director. I have asked for advice from the QMA National Safety Director. His response follows: 


The bumper by design are made to fold or horseshoe in an impact. One that is already in that condition will not absorb any more of the next impact. Per our rules that bumper must be replaced within 48 hours of rule infraction. The 48 hour rule is there to finish out the weekend and order a new one on Monday from your favorite chassis guy.


Going forward, if you are asked by your club, regional or national safety director to repair and/or replace your bumper, you will be given 48 hours to do so or you will be DQ'd from your class as per Section 2 - Paragraph 6(c) of the 2017 QMA Rulebook. 


Gary Kennealy

Reg 10 Safety Director