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Dylan Baptista
Racing History: 1 Year competitive
2016 Regional Rumble Sr. Novice Champion
2016 TVQMA Senior Rookie of the Year
OSQMRA 4 second club
4 Track records, 13 career competitive wins
Sponsors: Mom & Dad
Goals: Win a competitive division championship and a national event
Classes: Senior Honda, Lt 160
Handler/s: Steve & Jen Baptista
Special Thanks: My Family and MRE
Nicole Baptista
Racing History: 1.5 years competitive
2016 TVQMA HVY Honda champion
3 Track Records, 9 Career competitive wins
Sponsors: Mom & Dad
Goals: Have fun and win a national event
Classes: HVY World formula
Handler/s: Steve & Jen Baptista
Special Thanks: My Family and MRE
Jordan Mast
Racing History: BMX
Sponsors: Mom and Dad
Goals: To move up in divisions and be the best racer I can be.
Classes : Sr. Novice, Sr Honda
Handler/s: My Dad Brad, My Mom Amy and Erick
Special Thanks: To my dad for making sure that my car is ready for every race. To my family and friends who come out every race to cheer me on.
Colin 83K Kirby
Racing History: Colin started at 8 years old. Senior Honda division in 2014 Rookie of the year and Championship. 2015 season finished in second place and a Senior Sportsmanship award. 2016 Colin raced the Senior Honda Division and Light 160 division ending the season with a second place in Senior Honda and a fourth place in Light 160.
Sponsors: Mike Kirby Trucking
Goals:Stay Competitive, race hard and have fun.
Classes: Light 160 and Light World Formula
Handler/s: Mike and Nikki Kirby
Onisimus Dobrovat
Racing History: 2016 - Jr Novice 2017 - Sr Honda
Sponsors: Hometelligent
Goals: To not crash
Classes: Sr Honda
Handler/s: Silvio and Elisabeth Dobrovat
Special Thanks: Mr. Bill and Mr. Dell
Joey Hawley
Racing History: Go Carts, Quarter Midgets
Sponsors: Google, Brizio Street Rods, Hawleywood Racing
Goals: To be competitive and a chance to win the Championship
Classes: Heavy Honda, Heavy 160
Handler/s: Scott Hawley
Special Thanks: To my parents
Brandon Riveira
Racing History: Senior Novice Champion 2015 Winter nationals Senior Honda TVQMA 4th place 2016 and California Monza 3rd place 2016 Rookie of the year Runner up 2016
Sponsors Farmers Insurance Success Water
Nor Cal Plumbing Tracy Delta Waste Management
Goals:To compete as hard as I can in a respectful manner and to continue making friendships with my fellow drivers/competition. Oh and someday race the Indy 500!!
Classes:Senior Honda 2015 Senior Animal 2016
Light 160 2016
Handler/s: Anthony Riv
Cameron Carraway AKA Cam-Man
Racing History: 6 years old first year
Sponsors: Family
Goals: Wants to be a Monster Truck Driver
Classes: Junior Novice
Handler/s: Raymond and April Carraway
Special Thanks: To our trainers and training partners
Might Matt Tatoole
Racing History: 6 years in QMA . 2 championships at CQMA, 1 Championship at AQMA, 3 championships at TVQMA. 3 California Monza championships. California Monza Sportsman of the year.
Sponsors: Papa, American plumbing , Fastenal , Les Schwab tires, advance tree care, Waddell's plumbing and MRE.
Goals: Win a Grands A-main and a Winter Nationals A-Main.
Classes: SR Honda -Lt 160 -Lt World Formula
Handler/s: Nic and Pamela Tatoole
Special Thanks: Papa , Nana and Jerry Mostek.
Rebecca Dubie
Has Been Racing for 4 years.
Classes: Sr. Honda, Lt 160
Handler: Phillip Dubie
Landon Advincula
Racing History: No prior experience.
Sponsors: IxL Racing
Goals: To learn to race competitively while being safe and having fun at the same time!
Classes: Jr Novice
Handler/s: Ian & Dana Advincula
Special Thanks: Bill King for providing world-class novice training and support!
Kyle Fernandez
Racing History: 2016 TVQMA rookie of the year
Sponsors: Dells heating and air, Tracy Fire department, Premier sign installations
Goals: To be 2017 champ
Classes: Jr Honda and Jr Animal
Handler/s: Dell Fernandez
Special Thanks: Tvqma
Makayla Tatoole
Racing History: Novice
Sponsors: Papa ,American plumbing, Fastenal , Les Schwab Tires, Advanced Tree Care.
Goals: Win a race in competitive division
Classes: Novice
Handler/s: Nic and Pamela Tatoole
Special Thanks: Papa and Nana
Caden Gotelli
Racing History: 4th year in quarter midgets
Sponsors: NUT UP, Castle Concrete Pumping
Goals: Next year race 600 sprint car
Classes: Heavy 160
Handler/s: Larry gotelli
Special Thanks: Thanks to my dad , grandpa , grandma , and friends .
Dustin King
Racing History: 5 Years
Sponsors: D C Metals
Goals: To have Fun
Classes: Senior Honda
Handler/s: Bill King
Special Thanks: Jeff and Patsy King
AJ Huffman
Racing History: First year
Sponsors: Dad and Mom
Goals: Have fun and go fast
Classes: Sr Novice Heavy Honda
Handler/s: Zack and Erin
Emma Huffman
Racing History: First year
Sponsors: Mom and Dad
Goals: Have fun
Classes: Sr Novice, Heavy Honda
Handler/s: Zack and Erin
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